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Embedded Design Engineering assists any size team with our flexible and cost-effective circuit design services. Our passion, creativity, and technical skills allows us to provide professional design services to our clients. We have experience with both analog and digital circuit design. We can create a custom design using off-the-shelf (OTS) modules or do a chip down design. We work closely with third party resources to ensure the custom circuit design meets agency requirements when applicable.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Circuit Design Services

When looking at a circuit design solution, you’ll want someone who’s experienced with all the latest technologies, manufacturing techniques, and regulatory compliance requirements. Embedded Design Engineering follows a formalized process and are able to assist with your circuit design and manufacturing needs.

 Circuit Design Process

The first part of the process involves our team understanding your requirements. We will start out by reviewing any provided documents and having brief meetings with the client to clarify any questions. For clients who need a little help defining requirements, we have experience assisting such clients formulate well defined requirements.

Once the requirements are understood, design will begin. We will utilize our contacts within the electronics industry to get up to speed with the latest technology and tools that relate to your project’s functionality. If reference designs are available as a starting point, we will utilize these resources to reduce development time and costs. If they are not, we will design the custom circuitry from scratch to meet your application requirements. 

The circuitry required for your application will be captured in a schematic and then laid out on a PCB. Embedded Design Engineering will collaborate with your team during the PCB design to ensure your component location, dimensional, and mounting requirements are met. All design files and project related documentation will be managed using version control.

Schematics and PCB Design

Embedded Design Engineering supports all phases of hardware design from component selection through PCB layout. We have experience in many different areas such as:

  • High Density Designs
  • High-speed routing capabilities
  • Controlled impedance capabilities 
  • Multi-layer PCB design services
  • Altium, KiCad, Eagle
  • EMC Testing & Troubleshooting
  • UL, FCC, & CE Compliance
  • Collaboration with mechanical engineers 

We’ll address any compliance issues with entities like UL, FCC, or CE as required. We will work with you to ensure your product receives all the required certifications by the time you start shipping the final product.

Extensive Circuit Design and PCB Layout Support

Experience with Multiple Circuit Technologies

Our team has worked with a range of different technologies, including but not limited to:

Complete Circuit Engineering Support

Along with our technical expertise, we also provide complete engineering support during the entire process. Our engineering services range from complete system design to final product validation. 

We’ll assist your team with:

A Circuit Design Team You Can Trust

Embedded Design Engineering has the required knowledge, product expertise, and design approach to ensure your circuit design and PCB layout meets your requirements. Our established circuit design and PCB layout processes enable organizations to develop reliable, robust, and cost-effective products.

Embedded Design Engineering

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