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Embedded Design Engineering is a customer focused engineering firm that has experience in all phases of product development. Our passion, creativity, and technical skills will help bring your product to life. We specialize in embedded system design, but will collaborate with third party resources when necessary to ensure a cost-effective and robust end-product.

Ensuring Electrical Product Development Success

Bringing a new product to market requires a formal yet flexible approach at every stage of the project. Embedded Design Engineering remains dedicated to your electrical product’s success at every step. New technologies make the design life cycle shorter but require the latest expertise to ensure projects complete on time, within budget, and in compliance with functional and regulatory requirements. 

From the initial concept to final production, we enable product teams with expert guidance and verifiable results. Our goal is to understand your requirements and deliver a professional service during the entire project. To achieve this, we execute every project using the following process.

The Embedded Design Engineering Process


Project Scope and Analysis

After discussing the project, your use-case, and reviewing any required documents, we’ll determine the project scope as well as estimate the required engineering time and end product piece price. Working within your project constraints, our engineers will propose a flexible and cost-effective electrical product development plan with our statement of work.


High-Level & Functional System Design

Reviewing the functional requirements and generating a high-level design enables us to start documenting the required architecture and identify any additional design constraints. 


Develop the System

At this stage, we can continue designing both the hardware and software components required for the product. This part of development will include everything from circuit schematics to the necessary drivers and software integrations for the product to perform as designed.

During the design process, we will communicate issues and help solve problems as they arise. We will work closely with the customer to ensure all product requirements are being met. This includes performing schematic and PCB layout reviews as well releasing software throughout the design process allowing the end customer to test the product and provide feedback.

If the product requires an enclosure, we will work with a Mechanical Engineer (ME) during this time. We have local ME resources if the client needs to utilize them.


Regulatory and Compliance Testing

If your product needs to meet UL, FCC, CE, or other regulatory requirements, Embedded Design Engineering can support you in these areas. We have experience with reviewing agency requirements and working with 3rd party consultants during the product design to ensure agency compliance.

Embedded Design Engineering will only release the electrical product design for manufacturing once you are satisfied and we’ve verified that we have met all of your requirements. 


Production and Manufacturing

Engaging with electronic contract manufacturers (ECM) early and adequately means we can move to production quickly. We provide complete engineering support to the ECM Company, helping solve any issues quickly. We will work with the ECM to optimize the design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for testing (DFT). 


Ongoing Product Support

Our partnerships extend beyond the initial development stages. Embedded Design Engineering will continue to assist with firmware updates, unexpected issues that may arise, and help with any future product optimization or upgrades you may need. With technologies evolving rapidly, you’ll want a team of creative and passionate engineers available to address any concerns early and respond to issues effectively.

Embedded Design Engineering

Remains Committed to helping our customers achieve all their electrical product design and development goals.

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Our Electrical Design Services

  • Designing circuits
  • Generating circuit schematics, PCB layout, and test specifications 
  • Verifying no end-of-life components issues and ensuring multiple component sources are used when possible
  • Working with mechanical engineers in developing electronics enclosures
  • Ensuring agency compliance 
  • Work directly with local PCBA manufacturers during prototyping and production 
  • Delivering all design files to customer in git repository or the like
Learn About Our Circuit Design Process

We specialize in well constructed Embedded C and have experience in many different areas of software development:

  • Develop well constructed code 
  • Documenting the codebase 
  • Creating custom applications and libraries
  • Utilizing open source libraries
  • Adding functionality to a current code base
  • Working with the client through iterative release process to ensure customer satisfaction
Learn About Our Software Development Process
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